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Fuel efficient vehicles: What cars are eco-friendly?

At SEAT, we want our cars to be as economical and eco-friendly to drive as they are fun. And thanks to our fuel-efficient engines, we offer just that. With the help of advanced technology, these engines work hard to optimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without reducing any levels of performance. 

SEAT offers a wide range of eco-friendly engines for all its car models, with ECOMOTIVE and TSI as the most well-known type of low-consuming cars from the brand. Furthermore, at SEAT we are now becoming strong in the gas market thanks to our TGI models, which combine gasoline with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). 

Hybrid cars: TGI with CNG and petrol

TGI by SEAT are vehicles that combine petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG), saving up to 30% compared to a petrol only engine. Due to the gas savings and reduction of emissions, many cities are letting this type of cars drive in cities during strong pollution periods, as this is the best green car to buy.

Advantages of a TGI car:

Buying such an environmentally friendly vehicle, you’ll have more benefits that when driving a common car:

  • Using a hybrid with gas and gasoline, we reduce CO2 emissions and improve the air quality and environment.
  • The price to fill in the CNG tank is much lower than when refuelling with any other fuel, which overall helps the driver reduce costs.
  • As mentioned earlier, in cities where the pollution levels are high, you will be able to drive across the streets with the minimum environmental impact.

Which cars combine CNG and petrol?

Ask your nearest dealer about the hybrid car that best suits your needs among the following car models:


Another way to reduce gas expenses and contribute to a cleaner air is to opt for the ECOMOTIVE version of your favourite car model. These eco-friendly cars are a great option if you want to save money in gas and take care of the environment but you are not ready to try a CNG hybrid yet.

SEAT cars with Ecomotive:

You can test drive your favourite model in the nearest car dealer. Just ask for any of the following gasoline ECOMOTIVE cars:

SEAT diesel cars: TDI

Our diesel cars are more advanced and improved than ever, with the TDI technology, which stands for Turbo Diesel Injection.

The TDI badge characterises SEAT diesel engines featuring direct injection and turbocharging. Characteristic features of SEAT’s TDI technology are the economical fuel consumption, low emissions, high pulling power (torque) and outstanding performance for more driving pleasure.

Which are the TDI cars from SEAT?

Start & Stop System

In addition, all the ECOMOTIVE engines and many of the other car models are equipped with the innovative automatic start & stop system, which shuts down the engine at standstill while the car is idling at traffic lights to save fuel. Engage the clutch and it starts again.

Many also use the brake energy recovery systems to optimise fuel consumption without sacrificing vehicle dynamics. This feature stores up energy lost during braking. Over time, this can reduce fuel consumption and cut down on emissions, which is the case of Alhambra, Toledo and Ibiza.

This is the kind of intelligent technology that has helped us create a range of efficient and stylish cars.