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Minivan: What is a MPV?

Minivan: What is a MPV?

A compact MPV is a multi-purpose vehicle, also known as people carrier. As the name implies, a minivan is smaller than an actual van and bigger than a common family car, which makes it ideal to carry a lot of luggage or sports accessories and to seat up to 7 people.

SEAT Minivan: Alhambra

Compared to an average minivan, the SEAT Alhambra is a mini miracle. A car that is spacious enough and flexible enough to transport your whole world with you thanks to its large boot – safely and comfortably. It has a taller build for easy entry and exit, an optional automatic sliding door and enough space for seven passengers – 2340 litres to be exact.

The passengers of this 7-seater minivan will never be bored thanks to the multi-media system with Bluetooth®. Safety is a big priority in the Alhambra MPV too. There are seven airbags, Bi-Xenon lights and optional Park Assist. Not to mention a coveted five-star Euro NCAP safety award, and the Drive Profile adapts suspension to suit your mood, the road and driving conditions. With a range of powerful and efficient engines, The SEAT Alhambra is a minivan that has it all.

SEAT Alhambra: the ultimate family car

This is indeed the best minivan for a large family because it has capacity for 7 people plus a generous boot for extra luggage to meet all the needs of each family member. This versatile 7 seater MPV also offers a serious amount of fun technology to take road trips to a whole new level.

The Alhambra is a car that has adaptability, and this is the key to what makes a practical people carrier. It is a car that offers more headroom and interior space than other SEAT models, but what makes that space special is how you can fold down the seats to suit your needs. A big vehicle to accompany you on your daily routines and to take you on exciting road trips.