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Buy used cars – Approved Benefits from SEAT

Looking to buy a used car? DasWeltAuto’s network of used cars from the Volkswagen Group ensures you get only the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for a used compact hatchback car, used SUV, or used sedan, SEAT have you covered.

SEAT’s Approved Benefits ensures our customers drive away from our dealerships with that new car feeling, but at used car prices. Our second-hand cars for sale are selected carefully and undergo rigorous safety and quality tests, so we can guarantee peace of mind for all SEAT car drivers.

SEAT cars make for amazing options if you are buying a used car. Consider the iconic SEAT Leon and SEAT Ibiza hatchbacks, two versatile and beautiful options that look great on the road and feel great to drive. Or if you’re looking for something in the ever-growing SUV range, the SEAT Ateca urban SUV and Arona crossover make perfection options.

The SEAT Alhambra is the family car choice for those looking to travel in a 7 seater MPV with safety assured as well as performance. The SEAT Mii is the small car option that is perfect for city car driving, with its compact dimensions making it ideal to fit into tight spaces and parking spots. The Toledo is the perfect sedan choice to deliver comfort, style, and great driving.

What to look for when buying used car

Many customers prefer the value of buying a used car over buying new, but buying used cars can come with doubts in the customers’ minds regarding the overall condition of the car. Did the used car receive proper routine car maintenance? Has the car been well serviced?

Here we’ve compiled a used checklist for important things to look out for before buying a used car, so you can make sure that you drive off in the best possible car for you.

Used car checklist before buying

Take a test drive – Test driving a prospective used car to buy should come as a given, the very minimum in testing whatever vehicle you are thinking about buying. But test driving a used car is different to test driving a new car. Like any other vehicle, be sure to get a good feel of how the car drives, if its performance is smooth and if the car feels powerful and good to drive.

However, you should also be sure to also listen out for any abnormal engine noises. Be sure to test the brakes on the car while you’re test driving and ensure they are working properly and safely. Pay attention to how the gear stick moves, and any other small thing inside the car such as if the windows and doors open and close correctly and smoothly.

Leak Test – Park the car and let it sit where it is for between 30 seconds and a minute. Then move forward and inspect the spot the car was stationary for any leaks that may have fallen on the road. If there is any evidence of a fluid left on the parking spot, this could be indicative of a leak on the underside of the vehicle.

Aesthetics – Take a good look both on the interior and exterior of the vehicle to see if everything is in good condition. Make sure the upholstery has been well kept and doesn’t come with any unwanted stains.

Ask if the car has been in any accidents before, and ask for copies of receipts for the repair work, so you can know that maintenance was carried out in proper order and you have a record of it and that you know the work was carried out professionally.

Mechanical inspection – It could be worthwhile to pay for an external inspection of the vehicle to get an outside opinion on the state of the vehicle. Regardless, if you are going to pay for an external mechanical inspection or not, be sure to open the hood of the car and verify the parts and engine are in a good condition. If any parts are dirty or rusty, this could be a warning of future problems with the car.

Vehicle Background Check – Find out what the VIN (Vehicle Identity Number) of the car is and do as much research as you possibly can into the car’s history. If you can find a vehicle history report from any source, this can also help you make the best-informed decision possible.

Visit a Certified Dealer – The SEAT dealer network undertakes these safety and quality inspections before putting the used cars for sale, adding an extra layer of peace of mind that can’t be found outside of our certified and approved network. You can find a list of certified dealers in the SEAT network in any of our country websites.